What You Need to Know About Bronze Powder

Bronze powder is a finely-ground metal powder with a variety of uses in industries including automotive, military, and manufacturing. As one of the oldest metals used by humans, bronze has been used in many forms for centuries – from ornaments and jewelry to chemistry experiments and sculptures. Learn more about bronze powder, how it’s made, its potential applications, and what makes it so special.

What is Bronze Powder?

Bronze powder is a metal powder made from flakes of non-ferrous bronze, mixed with copper, zinc and other trace elements. The variety of metals present and the variations in each create a wide range of appearances, characteristics and applications. This makes it a valuable metal in many industrial processes and applications.

What is bronze Powder used for?

Bronze powders are commonly used as ink additives, in various types of printing, as craft coatings, including furniture application. Gold-Bronze is often used in restoring gilt finishes, and when mixed with a medium can be applied to a surface much like paint.

It makes a great substitute for gold leaf if you want to create a texture of gold. Bronze metal powder is very versatile and can be mixed with paint or other mediums and painted on. It’s easy to control and gives a much more consistent finish than gold leaf, with excellent opacity.

Bronze powder will tarnish when exposed to the air, so its important to protect the finish with a varnish.

Gold-Bronze power is also fantastic used in resin artwork, fine artwork and are safe for cosmetics (not recommended for mucous membrane areas though!). It is non-toxic and not harmful to your health, although you should always wear a mask when using pigment powders as they can be harmful if inhaled.

Our Gold-Bronze metal powders are of the highest quality, and very fine at 800 mesh. They have the highest sparkle and brilliance and give excellent cover with maximum opacity.

By varying the copper and zinc content of the alloy, it is possible to make a range of gold shades, for different applications.

bronze powder

We currently stock Pale Gold, Rich Gold, Pale Rich Gold and Copper Gold-Bronze powder.

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