Red-Gold – Gold-Bronze Pigment Powder


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Colour: Metallic Gold with Red over-tones


Description: Absolutely beautiful range the Metallic Series.  The gold colours are rich and vibrant, with a beautifu shimmer.   This powder is very dense and heavy and will go a long way.


Our stunning Gold Bronze effect powder is made from 100% real bronze flakes mixed with copper, zinc and aluminium.  The different ratios of copper and zine give a range of beautiful colours,  varying shades of gold and copper.


These powders give your resin art a WOW factor, they look like real gold leaf.  The also give an amazing dimension to alcohol inks and can be mixed with a range of mediums and painted on.


These are fine powders at 800 Mesh.


We recommend you always use a mask when working with pigment powders.


* Not recommended on mucous membrane areas* 





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Red-Gold – Gold-Bronze Pigment Powder
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Red-Gold - Gold-Bronze Pigment Powder