Pink French Clay



Ingredients: Montmorillonite
A conditioning and nourishing clay for all skin types.

Pink French Clay has a Montmorillonite structure

Montmorillonite  is a very soft phyllosilicate (silicate minerals making up 90% of the crust of the earth based on silicone and oxygen) that forms in microscopic crystals.  The name Montomorillonite is a French name as it is named after a place where the clay was made famous.   It is a smectite clay – smectite refers to the way the crystal sheets of the clay hold together. These  clays are cationic and have a cationic exchange capacity due to the Magnesium and Aluminium in the structure.  These clays swell in water and can be used to thicken and stabilise emulsions.

This Pink French Clay will swell in water.

100% natural mineral which is allowed to use in COSMOS formulas.

Appearance: Light pink clay

Manufacturing Process: The beige-pinkish clay undergoes a mechanical treatment, without any chemical process. It is crushed and dried.

Usage levels:

5 – 40% in masks
Although its high colour base may cause some skin colouration with higher levels
Blends well with other clays
For best results wet into the water phase prior to the addition of thickeners or oil phase.
Can be added to a finished emulsion with good homogenisation
Homogenisation is recommended
Clays can increase the micro risk profile of a formula.  Take care to preserve your formulation carefully.
Dissolves in highly acidic and highly alkaline solutions.

Pink French Clay does not undergo any irradiation treatment during its manufacturing process. Hence this product may have a high microbial burden hence preservation is recommended in water-based products.

Pink French Clay is an off white to pink powder*

*This is a natural product mined from the ground and variations in colour can be expected between batches. If a darker shade of pink is required, we can recommend our Pink French Argile Clay.

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Pink French Clay

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Pink French Clay
Pink French Clay
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Pink French Clay
Pink French Clay