Nebula Super Chameleon Pigment Powder (1gm)


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Colour:  Nebula Super Chameleon Pigment Powder: Teal-Blue shift

Size: 1gm jar.


Nebula Super Chameleon Pigment powder is the most premium top-of-the-range pigment powders available today. They have a very intense colour shift, mostly through three or four distinct colours as you view the surface from different angles.

It’s very hard to capture the beauty of these powders in a photo, or even a video. They are far more beautiful in person…I’m working on it!!!

Our Nebula Super Chameleon Pigment powders come in 1gm jars.  Yes, that’s a small amount, but you don’t need much of this powder, due to its intensity of color. And with super chameleon pigment powders, more is not necessarily better.  In resin art pieces, for example, these super chameleons work best with a light coating of the mold, using black resin.

Our Nebula Super Chameleon Pigment powders can be mixed into an acrylic or watercolour paint base to make paints.  It can be added to epoxy resin to make jewellery, river wood tables, and is very often used for tumbler making.  To achieve the best results I recommend using over a black (or very dark) base.  Super chameleon pigment will look like liquid chrome when used with black resin.  Just use a light dusting on the inside of your mold and you will get amazing results!  These pigments are cosmetic safe and can be used to make eyeshadow, lipstick or even nail polish. Or use in soap making and bath bombs.

Compared to our cheaper colour shift powders, these intense chameleon pigments have a mirror or chrome effect. They are sometimes referred to as “chrome colourshifts”. These are super fine pigments (10-60 micrograms) and you only need a very small amount to get a fantastic colour shift effect. The standard colour shift powders have a softer look, more a lustre than a sparkle and a more subtle colour shift, while super chameleons are a much deeper intensity and a strong metallic/chrome colour.

Please contact us if you would like to buy in larger quantities.  We are happy to offer a wholesale rate for bulk purchases!

Chameleon Pearl Pigments are made from transparent sheets and coated with multilayer metal oxide or nonmetal oxide. The percentage of each material is be precisely controlled to make unique colors. These super chameleon pigments continuously change colors but are carefully designed to not interfere with each othe, creating a dazzling colourshift effect!. 


  • Strong chrome
  • Impressive colour saturation with intense colour shift
  • 100% colour consistency
  • Extremely low heavy metal

Application Characteristics:

Code: JPAYB1060 – Nebula Super Chameleon Pigment

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Nebula Super Chameleon Pigment

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Nebula Super Chameleon Pigment
Nebula Super Chameleon Pigment Powder (1gm)
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Nebula Super Chameleon Pigment
Nebula Super Chameleon Pigment Powder (1gm)