Mica set of 24 pigment powders 10g pouches


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This set of 24 of our most popular colours, all in 10 gram relealable pouches at a discounted rate.  A total of 240 grams of ultra premium Pearl mica powders.

All of these pigment powders have a particle size of 10-60 which makes them ideal for colouring epoxy resin.  But they’re also perfect for cosmetics, bath bombs, soap making, watercolour and acrylic paint, automotives, epoxy benchtops, all kinds of arts and crafts!

Colours:  24 mica pigment powders including:

White pearl

Silver gray

Black pearl

Classic gold


Red Bronze

Cherry blossom

Glitter red


Orange juice

Golden yellow

Lemon yellow

Apple green

Grass green


Golden blue

Royal blue

Navy blue

Bright purple


Lilac shimmer

Crystal rose

Royal rose

Pink shimmer

Our Pearl mica pigments are a range of colours that have a pearlescent lustre and medium hiding power.

Not all mica pigment powders are made equal.  These are highly pigmented, cosmetic grade mica powders.  A little goes a long way!

These are the highest grade of micas available, with a particle size is 10-60 microns.   They are ideal for colouring epoxy resin, cosmetics, soaps, bath bombs, candle making, automotive paint, jewellery, slime, wood-working and many more crafts.  They mix well and won’t clump.

Ultra-Premium Cosmetic grade mica pigments with a pigment size of 10-60 microns.  We only sell the very best quality mica pigment powders at the very best prices.

Safe, non-toxic and cruelty free.  We have both synthetic and natural mica.  All our pigments are skin-safe, non-toxic, animal friendly, and irritant free.  Our natural micas are sourced from ethical suppliers, with no child labour involved in the supply chain.

Sold by weight, not volume  so you can be assured you get exactly what you’re paying for.  You may notice that some jars appear to be more or less filled than others.  This is because of the different particle sizes and density between pigments, larger, more dense particles take up more space.  But you can be sure that you are getting the weight of pigment powder listed on the packaging.

Resealable and reusable containers. We sell our pigments in various sized jars and stand-up pouches, for your convenience. Whether you choose a jar or stand-up pouch, all of our containers are resealable and reusable.

Fast shipping – we know you want your pigments NOW so we almost always ship within 24 hours. In fact, most orders are shipped on the same day they are received.

Excellent customer service. We’re here to help, and price ourselves on providing fast, efficient customer service. If we don’t know the answer to your question, we’ll find out!

We sell in bulk.  If you need larger quantities, just get in touch!

Contact us on the contact page here, on find us on Instagram at @JustPigmentsAustralia.



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Mica set of 24 pigment powders 10g pouches
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Mica set of 24 pigment powders 10g pouches