Dark Magenta Mica Powder – Diamond Series


Micron: 20-125um
Synthetic mica


Dark Magenta Mica Powder is a purple/red high sparkle mica pigment powder.

Colour: Sparkle Purple Red,  magenta

Description: This is a beautiful subtle red with high intensity sparkles throughout.

Details: Composed of high transparent borosilicate coated with titanium dioxide and other metal oxides.  Our Diamond effect pigment series creates a sparkling multi-color diamond-like dazzling effect that will enhance your product’s appearance and make it stand out from the crowd. With exceptional transparent clarity, this series is more chromatic, pure, intense, and reflective than typical pearlescent pigments.  

Our Diamond range is extremely thin, smooth and cosmetically friendly.  The higher particle size makes them super sparkly and absolutely dazzling!

You can use these Dark Magenta Mica Powder for eye shadows, on lip gloss, nails and other cosmetics where high sparkle is your priority.

100% Synthetic

Code: JPASZ847


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Dark Magenta Mica Powder

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Dark Magenta Mica Powder
Dark Magenta Mica Powder – Diamond Series
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Dark Magenta Mica Powder
Dark Magenta Mica Powder - Diamond Series