Chameleon Pigment Powder Purple-Blue-Red (10g)



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Colour:  Chameleon Powder: Purple-Blue-Red

Size: 10 grams containers


Chameleon Pearl Pigments are made from transparent sheets and coated with multilayer metal oxide or nonmetal oxide. The percentage of each material would be precisely controlled to make unique colors. Chameleon pearlescent pigments continuously change colors but not interfere with each other. 



  • Strong chrome
  • Impressive colour saturation with elegant luster
  • 100% colour consistency
  • Extremely low heavy metal


Application Characteristics:

For nail polish designer, the formulation with our Chameleon series could be a good choice. Such fascinating changing color never fades.


Our chameleon series is suitable for coating applications, such as industrial coatings, powder, leather coatings and dispersion paints. Chameleon series also gives fascinating color shifts to plastics and print products and automotive trade. Best applied thinly to a dark background

Code: JPA5093

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Chameleon Pigment Powder Purple-Blue-Red (10g)

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